Uniting Student Entrepreneurs

It’s getting harder to ignore stories of young people starting up value-generating projects that end up being great businesses today. It isn’t very surprising though – we’ve heard the phrase “it’s never been easier to start a business” over and over again. And while that is very true and has served young visionaries well in recent times, perhaps the more compelling aspect of it all, is that it has never been more exciting for millennials to engage in entrepreneurship than it is today. For simple reasons – the technology is getting better, the people are getting smarter and the problems are getting trickier.

Perhaps 20 years ago, the term entrepreneurship would have been one that most young people would not have cared much for. The never-ending challenges, uncertainties and volatilities that come with building a sustainable business from the ground up were not generally objectives we would aspire to achieve. But needless to say, the narrative has shifted recently and is in many ways, still shifting. I think the reason for this is that some amongst us are beginning to realise that entrepreneurship is not just about creating businesses, but also about solving real problems by creating real value. Hence, the term entrepreneurship is no longer merely attracting students from a business background but also those from a wide range of different fields. In other words, more and more talented young people are looking to entrepreneurship as their vehicle of choice to creating a global impact. What this also means for us now is that collaborative efforts have the potential to be even more meaningful, more dynamic and more productive. If that is not exciting for young entrepreneurs like us, I do not know what is.

And yet, taking on the entrepreneurial journey at a young age is indeed a daunting one. This can be mostly attributed to a lack of experience, a lack of credibility and maybe even the lack of connections. Armed with only great ideas and determination, it can sometimes be difficult to be taken seriously and it can be frustrating for those who just want their voices heard. But the reality is there is no easy way out and if pure determination is to be our only way, then we will have to seize it. But why do it alone? That is the question we’re asking at the Global Innovative Youth Conference (GIYC), a one week conference for student entrepreneurs all around the world held in Brisbane, Australia to collaborate,  build, exchange ideas, learn from one another and support one another. The other exciting aspect of entrepreneurship amongst millennials today is how similar we all are in the midst of our geographical differences. Everywhere in the world we are seeing young people emerge with a desire to play their part using the engine of entrepreneurship. Globalisation accelerated by the advent of communicative technology has allowed us to relate to one another in the most sophisticated ways. So while we may be different, this world we all live in is our one common platform – to guard and to improve together. At GIYC, we want to give you that opportunity to let your ideas, skills and energy converge to hopefully produce an even greater result that will open more doors. As for right now, we have already received applications from student entrepreneurs all around the world and from within Australia. We invite you to join this network of young entrepreneurs. To register and to learn more about GIYC 2016, click HERE

*Deadline for international and domestic students are the 11th of December and 30th of December respectively. We encourage you to register soon as spots are limited! 




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